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Top 7 Soft Skills Needed for Job Hunters

By David Peterson posted 08-24-2016 15:43


Job hunters and working professionals often want to know what employers look for besides functional skills. While specific skills needed for respective jobs are important, there are certain “soft skills” every company looks for in a potential hire. What exactly are soft skills?

In a nutshell, soft skills refer to personal qualities, habits, attitudes and manners that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with. A common notion is that it is hard skills that will get you an interview, but soft skills that will get you a job. No matter what company you interview with, you will need to demonstrate that you have a number of soft skills for the best chance of landing the job.

These are the 7 top soft skills needed job hunters and working professionals:

  1. Strong Work Ethic: You need to be motivated and dedicated enough to do what it takes to get the job done.  Along with that, you must emphasize that you will strive to give your employer your best work every day.


  2. Positive Attitude: Employers like optimistic and upbeat people. They like positive energy flowing at their companies as it inspires others to be positive as well. You will also come across as being able to handle tough situations you may encounter in the workplace.


  3. Good Communication Skills: Employers are looking for people who are very articulate when speaking but also know the importance of listening. They want people who are able to build bridges with colleagues, customers and vendors. Additionally, professionals need to be able to communicate effectively across multiple different channels such as e-mail, phone calls, presentations, and even social media.


  4. Time Management Abilities:  You must be able to multi-task and prioritize tasks delegated to you while hitting necessary deadlines. Companies want you to be productive and know that you will use your time on the job wisely. Organization of calendars and responsibilities is key to mastering time management.


  5. Problem-Solving Skills: Problem solving often involves decision-making and decision-making skills are especially important to management and leadership aspirations.  Employers are mostly likely to hire and promote employees who demonstrate that they can creatively solve problems when they arise.


  6. Team Player: It is necessary to be able to react appropriately and find a solution when faced with a difficult situation.  Often, professionals will be faced with resolving conflict or making big decisions that affect others at work.  It is important to avoid being indecisive or making quick decisions before weighing out the consequences.  These skills are acquired through experience, trial and error and are highly sought after by hiring managers.


  7. Flexible & Adaptable. In today’s ever changing economy and workplace, you must be able to adapt to new situations and changes. Companies want to know that you’re open to new ideas, embrace change and because of that, come through in a pinch.


Like never before, companies place high value and put much emphasis on soft skills because they realize just how linked they are to job performance and career success. While you will still need to be thoroughly qualified to do the job at hand, the range of soft skills you possess are just as important.

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